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There are various accommodation options for international students in Canada.
School Provided Home stays: This is a great way to understand the Canadian culture. Also School Provided Residence/ Dormitory for individuality if student wants. The cheapest and most convenient place to stay in terms of proximity to the college, expenses etc. But it’s difficult to get accommodation in the college dormitories because of heavy applications. Off-Campus Housing:
Is a rather expensive way of living. But this also means that you get maximum space, get to set your own lifestyle and live a life independently.

Health insurance for studying abroad in Canada
Hospital expenditure is high in Canada and hence we highly recommend you students planning to study in Canada to have a well insured medical plan or medical insurance in place before travelling to Canada. You can get the insurance before leaving your home country or get it in Canada itself with help from the university you are studying at.

The health insurance usually covers:
• Injury or sickness requiring an emergency hospital stay or emergency medical treatment 24–Hour accident
• Insurance up to a certain limit
• Emergency air transportation, emergency dental expense, prescription drugs, board and lodging for you or your travelling companion while confined to a hospital and more

Scholarships Even though Canada is one of the most cost-effective destinations for higher studies, living is far more expensive than in India. There are many scholarships available for studying in Canada, both by the Canadian government as well as the Indian government. The universities and institutes and even some social organizations offer scholarships to meritorious students.
When you apply for a scholarship, highlight your academic achievements and co-curricular activities, as well. Also include a Statement of Purpose. Some of the popular scholarships to Canadian programs include Bobby Orr Entrance Scholarships, Canadian Association of Principals Senior Student Leadership Award, Carol Anne Letheren Leadership and Sport Scholarship and many others.



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