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The Darmstadt University of Technology was founded in 1877. In 1882, it became the first university in the world to set up a chair in Electrical Engineering. In 1883, the first Faculty for Electrical Engineering was set-up there. With the highest number of foreign students, TU Darmstadt follows an ambitious internationalization strategy among all German Universities.
















Location & Facilities

The Darmstadt University of Technology is located in the city of Darmstadt, Germany. The University, with 140 buildings and a campus area spread over a sprawling 600 acres of prime property is concentrated at two main campuses: Inner City and Lichtwiese. However individual facilities are also spread out in other parts of Darmstadt and in Griesheim. It is well known internationally for its research capabilities in Engineering, Political and Computer Science.






















List of Departments / Schools / Faculty / College

The Departments (with number of the department):
• Architecture
• Civil Engineering and Geodesy
• Biology
• Chemistry
• Electrical Engineering and Information Technology
• History and Social Sciences
• Human Sciences
• Computer Science
• Mechanical Engineering
• Materials and Earth Sciences
• Mathematics
• Physics
• Law and Economics

Fields of Study:
• Computational Engineering
• Energy Science and Engineering
• Information Systems Engineering
• Mechanics
• Mechatronics

Courses Offered

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