Cost of living GERMANY


Education in Germany is one of the most cost-effective in the world, provided he/she is proficient in German language. With German Federal Government funding available from primary to university education, there is no tuition fee in some states. For second degree or prolonged study duration and even for the first university degree in some states, the fee is just € 500. The semester contribution may range from €200 to €350. This includes:

• Social fees: Covers usage fee for student dining halls, student residence, athletic facilities and administrative fees.
• Liability insurance: Covers and compensates unintentional damages caused to a third party.
• Student union contribution: Membership fee to the student union.
• Semester ticket: Ticket payment for unlimited usage of public transportation in or around the University.

All said and done, the average expense per student comes up to €450 for a modest living. This includes:
• Rent & utilities,
• Private accommodation
• Shared flat or student residence
• Internet & mobile flat rate
• Internet DSL flat rate
• Health insurance
• Food & drinks and
• Miscellaneous expenditure

Scholarships in Germany
Though universities in Germany do not provide any scholarships, yet as an international student you can apply to organizations such as DAAD or Deutscher Akademischer Austausch Dienst which is a joint organization of German Institutions of higher education and student bodies. DAAD provides scholarship only to graduate students pursuing Masters, Doctoral students pursuing PhD for post-doctoral work/research etc.



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