Why Study in UK


From the world-class reputation of UK universities, to the pristine beauty of the English countryside; to vibrancy of its cities and culture, especially England, Scotland, Wales and Northern Ireland – the UK has a lot to offer to international students. Four of the world’s top six universities are based in the UK, while all of its institutes offer a high quality of education in nearly all disciplines.

At the face of it, while the UK fee may appear high compared to other countries, most undergrad programs in the UK are only of three year duration, whereas elsewhere these could be up to four years, particularly for engineering courses. That’s an important distinction to remember before making your final selection.

The UK Universities draws a large population of international students, thus offering a rich, multicultural, pluralistic environment on its campuses. As an international student you have the option to work for up to 20 hours per week during term time and full time in holidays. There are also opportunities for you to work for up to two years following your graduation.

Another benefit of opting for a UK University is that it can be your gateway to the rest of Europe. Many destinations are a short plane journey away, which is fantastic for students who want to travel on term breaks.

The student visa process has now been streamlined to ensure you get the type that meets your needs, without a great deal of hassle.




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